Dell Latitude D600 Operating System Installation

(*Disclaimer: No Windows tested / For recreational purpose only / I’m native Cilincings speaker / Contain very subjective material*)

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Notebook Dell D600 Specification

Processor Intel Pentium M 1.6 GHz, 400.0 MHz, Intel 855PM

Installed RAM 2.0 GB DDR SDRAM – 266.0 MHz / PC2100 – SO DIMM 200-pin

Storage Hard Drive 80 Gb Optical CDR 24x / CD-RW / DVD-ROM

Display Graphic 14.1 in TFT active matrix ATI Mobility Radeon 9000 AGP 4x – DDR SDRAM – 32.0 MB

Audio AC ’97 – Onboard

Networking Ethernet IEEE 802.11b , Gigabit Ethernet , Ethernet LAN, DMI 2.0 (standard)

Networking Wireless Intel® PRO Wireless 2200 WLAN (802.11b/g) MiniPCI; Wi-Fi compatible

Battery Works about 1 – 1,5 hours

source: Dell official page for D600 and CNET reviews. Please check links sources for further information.

Installed OS; Methods, Results (Pros/Cons) and Links

  1. DVD Hackintosh Kalyway 10.5.1: Methods, Results and Links
  2. DVD Hackintosh Leo4All 10.5.2: Methods, Results and Links
  3. DVD Hackintosh iDeneb 10.5.5: Methods, Results and Links
  4. DVD Hackintosh iPC 10.5.6: Methods, Results and Links
  5. CD Puppy Linux 4.3: Methods, Results and Links
  6. USB Puppy Linux E17: Methods, Results and Links
  7. CD Live Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope 9.04: Methods, Results and Links
  8. CD Gentoo: Methods, Results and Link
  9. CD Live Zenwalk: Methods, Results and Link

DVD Hackintosh Kalyway 10.5.1: Methods, Results and Links
Methods: I follow the second installation from osx86project links here
Results: Kernel panic after install but can logon into single mode (Ctrl +s) and followed the instruction further.
Pros: Sounds immediately works out of the box, LAN with patched as instruction said
Cons: Airports not detected (Wifi), Choppy and slow avi / divx movie when it played by VLC
Duration: 3 hours

DVD Hackintosh Leo4All 10.5.2: Methods, Results and Links
Methods: Install with combo 10.5.3 Update. I put DVD into the the ROM at 1 o’clock and leave it load.
Results: Grey death Apple screen. Installation stops after when I wake up in the morning and found out that the screens appears nothing than grey.
Duration: 6 hours

DVD Hackintosh iDeneb 10.5.5: Methods, Results and Links
Methods: Installed with this guide from osx86projects. Except to checked the Cpus=1-fix and any of application available (Don’t blame me if I didn’t follow that)
Results: I guess this is some kind of lucky systems rules. I get lucky for the first install but then after that when i want to install it again, the installation stops on iDeneb opening screens (blue with black? or something like that?). All works fine except the ATI Radeon 9000 (It’s well known issue for D600 iser in insanelymac forum) of course, because watching movie still not nice in VLC or QuickTime.
Pros: Everything works fine when it was installed properly. Amazing!
Cons: I guess, if you believe then you better be start to pray or cross your finger to make luck came on your side.
Duration: 3,5 hours

DVD Hackintosh iPC OSx86 10.5.6 Universal PPF5 Final: Methods, Results and Links
Methods: Installed with this guide from osx86projects.
Results: Works perfect until I started to update everything. I stop to make QE/CQ works because OSX86tools clearly told that’s not possible.
Pros: Everything’s works great. Even I install it many times. I think this is the most stable Hackintosh for D600.
Cons: No LAN. Search and lurk on insanelymac forum without turning good results. I begin to surf internet with Wifi (which is works great after installation). I give up using VLC and quicktime and start playing all movies with MPlayer for Mac.
Duration: 2,5 hours

CD Puppy Linux 4.3: Methods, Results and Links
Methods: Download from for the latest version (4.3.). Burn it on CD. Insert it on D600 > press F12 to boot from CD > Then the live CD just starts really fast. After that, follow the instruction on MacPup install video on YouTube
Results: I’m really impressed how this systems works! All stable and really fast. Never saw (OS) things works so fast like this in my life (Yeah, I dont have 9 lives and never aware that .
Pros: Everythings works great. Scan directly all air wireless connection around my house. Installation and OS just run incredibly fast!
Cons: No stable wifi. WEP keep giving password ‘2b2b2b2’ after saved. WPA is not working also. Load INF windows driver with ndiswrapper and even download Ubuntu package for dell d600 wireless and even do more with compiling ipw2100 not helps. The wifi works if connected to open and unencrypted network (I would not recomended since we all as default running puppy as root. But go on if you insist).
Duration: 15 minutes (the fastest OS installation in my life)

USB Puppy Linux E17: Methods, Results and Links
Methods: Download from for the latest version. Then do the same action as I did to Puppy Linux 4.3. Except after press F12 on boot to show boot option I choose USB and start to get the installer in target folder (in my case on a folder in LG Renoir mobile).
Results: As other puppy distro’s this OS running well and fast also.
Pros: Nice theme. Opera browser run fast and stable to hanging around on internet.
Cons: Default enlightment background theme as wallpaper seems too much for me. No wifi at all.
Duration: 20 minutes (I don’t know for sure if the loaded themes make it slower).

CD Linux Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope 9.04 Desktop Edition: Methods, Results and Links
Methods: Download and run Live CD from Ubuntu website
Results: The first impression after easy installation is really nice. Ubuntu Desktop is really beautiful and easy to customize.
Pros: Everything’s works fine. System is really stable. Some said Ubuntu has the best forum support ever. Offer Launchpad to tracking bugs.
Cons: I dont have any cons in this OS. Wifi is still can’t configured yet with WEP. But I can browse easily with my neighbours open connection (I told him directly after Ubuntu scan wifi found his network can accesed by everyone).
Duration: 2,5 hours

CD Linux Gentoo: Methods, Results and Links
Methods: Get Gentoo from main page and do installation just like the guides shows on screens.
Results: I like Gentoo distro because they offer flexibility what to install and what not. As a dummy in OS world, I just love to look at my desktop shows the software icons that useful for me without so much reading documentation or trying to figure it out on forums (*Haha. Well, you know that’s my dummy and lazy as* perspective*).
Pros: Running well and offering well option for development (at least when you saw it on the web developer side)
Cons: Installation takes more time if compared to other Linux distros I tried.
Duration: 3 hours

CD Zenwalk: Methods, Results and Links
Methods: Get Zenwalk Live CD first from Zenwalk’s Live Editionbefore installation to give me the feeling of zen. Indeed it works.
Results: The installation running well without any lags.
Pros: OMG beautiful GUI!
Cons: Some of default interface for networking is not so pretty (*well I guess this is really really subjective opinion 😛 The same questions like “Is Paris from that Hilton pretty enough?” )
Duration: 2 hours

Actually, I know I am not in the position that can give anyone who read this post a recomendation for what kind of operating system that supposed to be they put in Dell Lattitude D600. I don’t have proper benchmark to give you the exact number what is the good, the bad and the ugly to make it look fair enough to compare all systems. This Dell D600 basically use only to show my 16 months baby daughter some children programs on youtube (e.g. hopla, bumba, sesame street, etc). So, I stick to Puppy Linux 4.3 since it’s has ability to run and load internet browser like firefox or opera so fast (I do avoiding seamonkey the default puppy browser after found out they have oddly behavior when loading youtube movies). Puppy Linux also easily connected to LAN with their wizard tools. Be able to edit my baby pictures. And has direct access icon to terminal and Geany editor.

I don’t have any intention except what I wrote in disclaimer above. It’s all about recreational purpose. Even DVD Leopard and D600 was bought according to this purpose. All operating systems were installed with clean installation. It means I don’t have any dual or more boot or VMware. The greatest things about those OS that I tested above are it seems all systems immediately recognized my printer (HP 2700), USB mouse and my mobile (LG KC 910).

Thank you,

*Long live recycling. Don’t throw your notebook just because operating system keep bigger and turn out to be true resource hog*

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  1. Zam says:

    I think WEP and WPA problems on air network depend on wireless chipset.

    Old chipset commonly doesn’t support WPA or higher encryption method. They works on WEP (with minimum security indeed).

    I use Ubuntu and it very nice. The main reason why I love it is because of the applications repository. I don’t need any compiling-installation traditional method, just type or search it on Synaptic Manager, the system will install it for you by one click.

    And of course, there are a lot of support on the net.. 😀

    Btw, great review. I love it. :)

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